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Feeling helpless

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My aunt recently got diagnosed, i feel so helpless and stressed for her. Because of social distancing and the fact I live in another state, I cannot be there to help her with her day to day activities. I know she’s in a great amount of pain, physically and mentally, I just want to be there for her. Any suggestions on how i can help from afar?

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@terrina I am so sorry to hear what’s happening with you aunt. The only thing that you can do is let her know that you’re just a phone call away. 🌻 

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@Terrina Covid-19 has put a damper on everything. Thanks to technology we are able to video conference by face time or zoom. If you can, send her an E-card letting her know you are thinking of her. If she recently had surgery, maybe you can order some grocery off line and have it deliver at her house. ❤️ ❤️