Wokie Lanier

Founder | CEO 

Wokie Lanier is the founder and creator of Pink Dove Co, she was inspired by her own personal journey with breast cancer to create a line of products that meet the needs of many women like her. Wokie’s Journey started in 2019 when she was 32 years old.  Wokie was at the peak of her career and thriving in her personal life, having recently married her true love with hopes of soon starting a family. Then in August 2019  just four months after saying “I Do” in Jamaica , Wokie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since the diagnosis, Wokie has been scheduled for multiple surgeries, and weeks of radiation. Her first surgery consisted of a unilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. The second surgery came shortly after due to an infection that required removal of the implanted tissue expander, leaving her with a less than feminine chest shape and a pathologist’s report that showed non-invasive cancer still remained. Due to this residual disease Wokie will need to undergo additional radiation treatment to kill any remaining cancer cells, which means that her goal of starting a family has to be put on hold yet again.

Wokie’s journey has been a rollercoaster, even more than she had initially thought it would be. Wokie was not prepared for life after multiple surgeries. Because of that she is hoping to change the post operative clothing options for women in situations like hers and make getting quickly back to living a more normal, functional life possible. Although this life altering experience has caused physical, emotional, and social challenges in her life, Wokie was determined not to have to “wear” her diagnosis while also living through it. One of her biggest struggles as a young professional working woman was finding functional and fashionable attire to wear post surgical. While Wokie loves the collection of clothing she has acquired over the years, they were no longer suitable for her newly post-surgical body. This lack of appropriate & fashionable post-surgical clothing inspired Wokie to create Pink Dove Co so that women struggling with the emotional and physical toils of breast cancer shouldn’t also have to deal with challenges of finding fashionable, functional, and affordable clothes that they can love.  

Understanding the financial burden that comes along with a diagnosis like cancer Wokie vowed to create a line of affordable apparel for all warriors of all sizes to help them face this terrible diagnosis. Although this journey continues to be an unpredictable experience, it has not stopped Wokie from working tirelessly to ensure women like her have products that are beautiful, fashionable, functional and reliable throughout all the stages of the breast cancer treatment process. The drive and passion behind Pink Dove Co. came from the realization of how limited her mobility became after her procedures and her desire for functional and fashionable clothing and accessories. When Wokie was unable to find products that easily met her needs, she decided to fill in the gap by creating her own. Pink Dove Co products  are fashionable, accessible, and affordable for everyone whether you are prediagnosed, undergoing treatment, or in post  treatment recovery.

As of May 2020, Wokie is awaiting another surgery and additional radiation treatments. In addition to creating Pink Dove Co, being a loving wife, and caring for her dog Bailey and cat Eli, Wokie holds a Masters degree from Johnson & Wales University and continues to thrive in her profession as a full time Director of Quality at Tier One Relocation. In this capacity Wokie oversees client relationships with over 200 hundred domestic and international companies that are contracted by the US Department of Defense. Wokie has strived to combine all her skills from the different aspects of her life to guarantee only top quality products for her Pink Dove Co warriors battling a cancer diagnosis like herself.  



Natasha Ewa

Vice President of Public Relations

Natasha Ewa is a 32 year old graduate of Central Falls High School, the first HBCU Lincoln University and the green and gold, Norfolk State University. Natasha currently resides in the state of Virginia, by way of Rhode Island and before that, by way of London England. Natasha who is a practicing licensed psychotherapist is a stage 2 breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed at the age of 29 less than two months after saying “I Do”. Natasha has since then completed 24 weeks of chemotherapy (AC + Taxol) and has 6 surgeries to remove her breasts by way of a nipple sparing bilateral mastectomy as well as several surgeries to reconstruct. She is currently receiving hormonal therapies (Lupron x Exemestane) due to her breast cancer diagnosis being ER+ Her2-. At the age of 29, Natasha was induced into menopause and is unable to have children at this time. She was also tested for the brca gene, which she was found to be negative. Natasha who describes herself as a “busy body who doesn’t sit still” is a Trauma-Informed Care trained therapist. She is also a trainer for the Risking Connections®, trained in 7-Challenges for adolescent substance use and certified in Mindfulness Behavioral Therapy. She works full time as the Clinical Director of Community Based Services for a non-profit military affiliated residential facility in Norfolk, Virginia. She also owns her own private practice; I-Thrive Therapy and Wellness, LLC where she provides individual, family and couples counseling services. She also offers LCSW exam prep and soon to offer supervision towards licensure services. Natasha is also the vice-president of the Tidewater African Cultural Alliance (TACA) a 510c3 and the co-founder of the women empowerment organization, Feminine Energy (FE). In her almost non-existent spare time, Natasha enjoys organizing things, shopping, and both writing and performing spoken word. Natasha recently began her YouTube channel solely to provide viewers; survivors, thrivers, caregiver and those simply curious a place to learn about the breast cancer journey. What the experience is like for the person experiencing this life changing trauma. She lives her life and practices Logotherapy, a model developed by the Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl. This philosophy states that we as human beings are strongly motivated to live purposefully and meaningfully. That we find meaning in life as a result of responding authentically and humanely (i.e. meaningfully) to life’s challenges and so as her tattoo says, ‘A day awake, is a day survived’ and motivation to take on the day’s challenges.

Jessica Florez

Events Planning Director

Jessica is an accomplished event planner who is successful perusing her passion serving her community. Her creative imagination and attention to detail has earned her a reputation of raising the bar of professionalism along with executing your events flawlessly.

Jessica impacts her community changing lives as she plays a role in leadership at The Providence Center. An organization that supports healthy minds through mental health and substance use treatment. Her mission is to address the mind and body as one and meet clients’ needs with care and compassion.

Jessica is a wife and mother of two amazing children.On their spare time they enjoy riding bikes, going for walks and beach days.

Michael J. Larson

Digital Director

Mike has been in the digital media business for over 10 years. He runs a successful business and is responsible for the creation and design of the pink dove website, photography and digital marketing.

Daniel J. Larson

Legal Counsel

Daniel J. Larson is a Massachusetts attorney who focuses on real estate transactions, business transactions, intellectual property protection, and civil litigation.  He has significant experience identifying and safeguarding protectable intellectual property assets, registering trademarks and copyrights, responding to actions by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, negotiating licenses, drafting agreements, and prosecuting and defending infringement claims.  Attorney Larson has represented and counseled individuals, start-ups, and businesses on corporate formation matters, brand protection, and legal business strategies.  He is also involved in the growing cannabis industry in Massachusetts and throughout the country.

Prior to founding the firm, Attorney Larson worked as a litigator at a distinguished Boston law firm defending doctors, hospitals, and other care providers against professional malpractice claims.

While attending law school, Attorney Larson was the Development Editor of the Journal of High Technology, Vice President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Association, and member of the Phi Delta Phi Honor Society. Attorney Larson had the honor of studying under United States Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Kennedy. He was also chosen to be a Rule 3:03 student attorney at the law schools nationally ranked Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic where he represented individuals, start-ups, and small business on intellectual property and business formation matters.