Patricia Fox | “Holding onto my relationship with god”

I was 26 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage IIA breast cancer. Looking back my doctor was encouraging when she broke the news, insisting “[I] will be a young survivor” than flatly saying “[I] have breast cancer. My immediate response was hysterical laughter which she said was perfectly  normal. After surgery, I was stitched and sent home with a surgical bra. It hugged my breasts enough that they wouldn’t move because it was painful when they did. Before that, I had my eggs harvested. That experience was a great similation to pregnancy! I would have to inject myself at specific times during the day and evening to stimulate my egg production. Although I’ve never been pregnant, my breasts were swollen and my stomach looked maybe 5 months. Then I experienced ovarian hyper stimulation in which I couldn’t breathe and had to rest sitting up. It all was very taxing. Thankfully I have a great relationship with God, even when other relationships failed or were struggling. So my prayer life and spiritual development became focuses of hope for me.

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