Clayers Johnson | Every bit of air left my lungs

I was juggling being a mom of three kids, grieving the loss of my father, pursuing a promotion at work, and growing in a fairly new marriage. I wasn’t great at it, but the balls never dropped. Never dropped until January 7, 2015 when Dr. Doom threw a bowling ball at me.  Every bit of air left my lungs. No one juggles with bowling balls and I wasn’t going to be the first.  I was 29 years old with Stage II Tripple Positive Breast Cancer. I was soon connected with a nurse navigator and slowly but surely air started to fill my lungs again. She too was a survivor and gave me all the necessary tools to manage the disease and to not allow the disease to manage me. Chemotherapy was a scene from Jumanji. You rolled the dice after every treatment and had no clue what to expect.

Surgery came soon thereafter and I couldn’t be more dissatisfied. It was not love at first sight. It would required lots of TLC and I’m glad to say we have a healthy relationship now. Last but certainly not least, came radiation.  The position of my body on that table and the smell of cold metal haunts me to this day. It would eventual end. Sorta. Maybe. Not really. After an entire year of treatment I quit my job and pursued a career as a nurse navigator.  A role that changed my life forever!


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