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Loss of a friend and more.

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The absolute biggest loss in my life thus far has been losing my friend to cancer. I have been trying to cope with it for months now and I can’t. I had no idea she had cancer and she hid it from the world for obvious reasons but I think to myself everyday that I should’ve known, I should’ve been there... I should’ve reached out more. I lost her and the pain never goes away. As I continue to live, I also have a friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer and my focus is to make sure she knows I love and cherish her. Cancer is hard enough. I might never learn to cope with my loss but maybe I’m being tested with other experiences. Anyone have coping mechanisms? I’d appreciate it.


- Thalia

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@Thalia, I am extremely sadden by the loss of your friend. Here’s the thing with life, It’s all temporary and when a life is lost, we are faced with the harsh reality of tomorrow is not promised. We all know this, but often times forget. Which is why it is important to build strong loving relationships because once our loved ones depart the earth, we are Only left with all the fond memories. Cancer is a roller coaster. I am sure your friend went through a lot. All the treatments she endured prohibited her from living her best life. As much as you would still want her presence here- believe that she is in a better place resting peacefully. No more pain, no harsh drug deteriorating her body while she’s trying to survive. As sad as her death was on you, be thankful for the memories you made together, and be happy she’s no loner suffering. Easier said then done, I know. Hope you feel better when you think of all the happy times. Good luck! 💕

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@Thailia, sorry for your loss.!its not a easy rd loosing a love one. I loss my dad to liver cancer at a young age. Time will definitely heal. Hold on to the memories you had of her.. And surround yourself with positive ppl, do things you love.... I pray that you continue to be strong hun... It gets better..